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You are your GUARDIAN ANGEL | You are connected to your Source wall art print | Good vibe inside your home | Wall prints set of 2

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CREATE GOOD VIBES NEAR YOU WITH THESE POWERFUL & POSITIVE WALL PRINTS: This unframed & instantly downloadable Wall art print will encourage you, comfort you and remind yourself that you are the captain of your ship and this Universe has given you full authority on how you want to sail your ship. There is no harm in letting negative thought cross your mind but keep this art in front of your eyes to always come to back to the thought that you are super-human and you are stronger than you think. You only give up because you let the negative thought overpower the positive one so let this reminder hang in your living room.

READY TO USE: This minimalist and cost-effective wall art print is immediately available to download in different sizes in a zip file just after the confirmation of payment.

HOME / OFFICE DECORATION OR GIFT: Spend a little, make as many prints as you want, print this file(s), choose a frame that goes with your décor and hang this at home or office or gift it to your friends, family, and colleagues.

Commercial use is allowed with a little credit given to “Good vibes near me”. That's all I ask.

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@anaisdominguez has added this print on her apartment wall as a form of daily affirmation, to draw the strength and inspiration she needs, to take care of her mental health.

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