Gems and stones are created by natural forces and that is why they store energy in passive form and when we keep them close to us, their energies interact with our vibrations. As a result, we attract synchronicity and resonate with all the elements in this universe vibrating at similar frequency - means we start attracting good people, favourable situations and they all come together to make our life abundant and happy.

Blisskare offers ways for you to include crystals and gemstones in your life in the form of jewellery, home-decor, incense and meditative tools. Every product here is based on natural elements to keep you grounded and connected to the source energy. Every item has been fed positive energy and carries healing intentions that will interact with your energy and affect you positively. 

When you support Blisskare, you are supporting someone succeeding in helping others to come through difficult and anxious times.

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