Sound bathing with Singing bowls and Traditional bells

Sound bathing with Singing bowls and Traditional bells

Have you ever noticed why listening to music lightens up your mood?

Why we all (most of us) love music and can't stop tapping or grooving after listening to our favourite songs?

The answer is hidden in Chemistry of our brain and how it gets affected by various factors. A 2011 study from Valerie Salimpoor and others looked at a group of people who reliably got musical chills and asked them to make a playlist of their favourite songs of any style. These people listened to the tracks while scientists monitored their brain activity. They found that music triggers the release of a chemical called dopamine in a part of the brain called the striatum. Evolutionarily, this is a really old part of the brain associated with responses to stuff that make you feel good. This showed that listening to say Daft Punk affects the same areas of the brain as chocolate, sex, or cocaine.


Now that we know that brain actually gets affected by music, let's find how does music therapy work!

There’s more research to suggest that certain sounds and the vibrations they create may have calming or otherwise therapeutic properties.

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