How does meditation help during SELF-TALK?

How does meditation help during SELF-TALK?

Most of our awake time is occupied with millions of random thoughts which are sometimes there to prepare us to survive in this world and some times, they are simply floating in our mind because they are related to unresolved issues.


Now you are's the big deal?

Let me answer that. Suppose you are doing dishes and washing sharp objects like knives, spatulas, forks etc and suddenly your mind takes you in to your office area where you start counting the number of things you have to accomplish the next day.

Now, thinking about what needs to be done at work is not the problem - the problem is thinking about it while you can't do anything about it, the problem is that you already know what needs to be done and you are just revisiting a segment of thought you already know and the biggest problem is this random thought making you prone to accidents and make the current task inefficient and ineffective.

This example is about a house chores but imagine the degree of damage it can do to you and people around you while driving, kayaking, swimming or heavy-duty mechanical jobs! It is so much worse!

And that is why organizing our thoughts is super important to be able to focus on one thing at a time and doing it efficiently and effectively and having negligible number of unorganized thoughts.

One simple and effective way to do something about organizing our thoughts is meditation! Yes, the dreaded word - meditation. Please allow me to explain how much fun it can be! Look at it as something you would do to be present and be completely aware of your feelings. Like, just knowing what emotion you are feeling at this moment (happy or sad or angry or excited) and let me tell you that your state of mind heavily depends on your surroundings unless you have mastered the art of keeping calm and retain your peace irrespective of what is going on around you. 

Now, when we think of meditation, we get a picture of a woman/man sitting in Lotus pose (padmasana) with closed eyes trying to focus, concentrate and empty their mind!

HOWEVER, my friend if you are just starting to do it, it doesn't happen that way and that is why your goal should be to be just aware of NOW - YOUR PRESENT MOMENT and know how you exactly feel and deal with that emotion even it is a great positive feeling. Know it, acknowledge it and feel gratitude for having that positive feeling. If it is a negative feeling, acknowledge it, take your time to feel it deeply, have a conversation, forgive yourself and the people associated with the thought and now just release it...let it go. 

You won't feel any difference or that AHA moment you have been waiting for! BUT, you will feel lighter and if you keep doing it for as little as 7 days, you will feel sudden change in your mood. It will be like last night you went to sleep as your older version and the next morning you are no more YOU! You feel different about everything in your life! Happier, sorted, forgiving, accepting and so much more! 

I know I know you don't have the time because you have much more important things to do but knowing all of this doesn't mean anything if you don't actually take out 5 to 10 minutes and try it yourself. 

So my friend, take out 5 minutes on Day 1, choose a happy thought and just hold it during those 5 minutes because you want to feel happy and carry that positive emotion later during the day.

One happy thought will lead to another and that will create a chain reaction and you will come across so many positive thoughts and start feeling gratitude for having so many pleasant things, people and experiences in your life!

So, try this today!

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