Affirmations are positive statements that you say out loud or to yourself to overcome negative and limiting thoughts.

We offer Wall prints based on affirmations that you can instatntly download and hang in your home, office, locker or vehicle. Repeating positive statements makes you feel positive and changes your vibrations instantly, to attract your dream life.

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  • Self acceptance is a gift @mynameisbeth

    Beth loves these prints based on self acceptance and self love. She found the perfect spot in her house for these affirmation-based prints to help her with personal development.

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  • Be proud of yourself daily @welcome_idahome

    She has used "I am growing" wall print to add a fun and kid-friendly print on the play kitchen of her adorable kids. This is a quick and affordable decor for kid's room.

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  • Your are your own Sunshine @selflovecoachingwithrosie

    This is the most popular and loved piece. Rosie is a mental-health coach and she believes this print to be a great reminder for self love.

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  • Your present is temporary @anaisdominguez

    Anais has added this print on her apartment wall as a form of daily affirmation, to draw the strength and inspiration she needs, to take care of her mental health.

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Anais feels that, along with being an elegant and minimalist wall decor, "Good vibe near me" Affirmation wall prints help her maintain her mental health because they are great reminders everytime she looks at them.


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"Good vibes near me" wall prints are inspired by my journey of loving myself and creating reminders in form of wall art to motivate and inspire myself everyday. Hoping to help you create a positive vibe in your home or office, with my minimalistic and unique designs.